Bus Lines

30 11 2009

Everyday when I walk to work I have to fight my way through people waiting for the bus. In the UK people stand politely in line to the side of the side walk. In Baltimore people stand spread out across the side walk. I’d love to know culturally what this means.

Perhaps this is a uniquely Baltimore thing, or perhaps it is speaks to the wider American culture?

It seems to me from the outside that this is all about self, with no regard for anyone else who might be wanting to use the sidewalk. But I am looking through my own cultural lense.




One response

30 11 2009

I think that you're right. Sadly, it is about self, but it could also be about proxemics. I haven't stood in line or waited for the bus in quite sometime. It's definitely an urban American thing – although the selfish/space thing is just a human thing.

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