Ice Cold

2 12 2009

After two years of living in the US, I finally enjoyed my first all American Thanksgiving. Prevously, we’ve been enjoying the delights of Jamaican jerk chicken with family in New York.

This year we stayed in Baltimore and went to a friends house. Even though he is a Canadian, his wife is American and she invited a lot of her family over.

The family was really welcoming and fascinated that I am British and my wife is Jamaican. Some of the younger people had travelled to the UK and so we had plenty to talk about.

I asked what they enjoyed about the UK and they happily told me how they loved the history, architecture and pubs. But they also said they missed things from the US. Obviously, I was interested to know what they missed. After some thought, I was told they missed ice in drinks.

Now, I was surprised that this is all they could think of. I was also surprised that this is such an important part of American life!

In some parts of Europe people get very angry if you short change them of their drink by filling their glass with ice. I too find it annoying to order lemonade from Panera bread and only get a couple of sips of liquid and a cup full of ice.

In a culture that is often portrayed as all about more, more, more it is interesting that when it comes to drinks they want less, less, less!




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