Gym Nudity

3 12 2009

My gym membership expired last week so I’m trying out other gyms to see what sort of value they offer.

I’m currently trying out one of the largest gym in downtown Baltimore. It’s a busy gym, a bit tired looking and very expensive. The last gym I was a member at was also expensive, but it was small, well equipped and it felt quite exclusive.

The other benefit of my previous gym was the private changing rooms.

Now, I’ve either always been to fancy gyms or extremely prude ones because I’ve never seen so many people comfortable with their nudity. I guess looking at it through my cultural lense people’s bodies are a private thing that should be covered up.

I remember my first week working in Tanzania, when I was sitting with a microfinance borrower talking about her loan when without blinking her right breast is out and stuck in her babies mouth. For a Brit, a young male Brit at that, this was a shock! We are still coming to terms with public breastfeeding in the UK even though it is perfectly acceptable, as it should be, in many other parts of Europe.

So, I have been able to adjust my cultural lense but  the legions of old men walking around completely naked in the gym changing rooms will take quite a bit more adjustment.




One response

5 12 2009
Lem Usita

So which gym did you end up picking?
Don’t ever adjust to seeing them walk around completely naked. I think you should always have that sense of – ewwwww – whenever you see it. I mean, don’t show that on your face. How about you just don’t look. Ah – how about that?

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