Thank You

5 02 2010

The other day we had a small amount of snow, 3-4 inches, today we are preparing for 16-24 inches, with potential for more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. All that snow means a lot of shoveling! I actually really enjoy being out in the snow and working up a good sweat. It takes my mind of all the things that are troubling me. Because I enjoy it so much I like to shovel my neighbors sidewalks and parking pads. My neighbors have been kind enough to say ‘thank you’ when I’ve helped them with the snow.

Please and Thank you seem to be difficult to come by these days. I remember my Nan telling me as long as I say ‘Please and Thank You’, I can have whatever I want. I don’t know if this pearl of wisdom is making it to the youth of today. Often I feel that we expect things to fall in our laps, and we do not say ‘thank you’ when we are blessed.

I must admit I am guilty of this. When I look at how hard my wife worked to get to university and to complete her degree, I am humbled. Jamaica is a competitive place to get a degree, while in the UK everyone goes to university. I took all the opportunities available to me very lightly.

While I am sitting here looking at the snow starting to fall, I am wondering if I am taking life too lightly. Haiti showed the world how fragile life can be. It doesn’t matter who you were in Port-Au-Prince, the earthquake affected you. Even the Presidents Palace was destroyed. That has certainly helped to put things in to perspective for me.




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