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8 03 2010

I meant to post this a few weeks ago. I’ve been pretty bad at updating this blog recently. I don’t  know if it is because I haven’t been inspired, or I am just lazy!

Old post: Partly due to the fact the roads are still a little bit iffy and partly due to it being valentines day, we decided to stay home and go to Church online. See for more details. I love going to Church and getting the vibe from everyone around me, but it is also awesome to be able to lie down, put my arms around my wife and go to church from the comfort of our bedroom.

However, I think today would have been one of those days when being at Church would have been electrifying, especially as they had everyone involved in a mass ‘Electric Slide’ dance. Now, I am told that this is primarily an African-American dance performed at weddings and other social events. The closest we get to it in the UK must be Morris dancing! It seems odd to me that people find so much enjoyment in group dancing. From what I can tell, White America seems to have line dancing, there is also the collegiate, mostly African American ‘step dancing’, and in the same vein there is cheer leading. I really don’t understand any of these dances. Especially the ‘step dancing’. I see there is going to be a new ‘reality’ show about it. They seem to take it so seriously. To explain ‘step dancing’, all I can think of is that it is a mixture of Morris Dancing and German Schuhplattling. To me it really looks bizarre to see young, trendy kids stepping in time and slapping themselves and not be dressed in lederhosen.

But the Church had a great time doing the ‘Electric Slide’ and to me it was amazing to see African-Americans, Caucasians, Asians and Latinos all doing this (what seems to me) bizarre dance. But only at Bridgeway is it possible to get everyone together like that.




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