6 05 2010

The last few days I’ve been spending time with CREDIT Microfinance institution in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The management team are a joy to work with and I hope I can support them better in developing a risk management governance function.

The food in Cambodia is wonderful, if not a little unusual to me at times. One day I went for lunch and was offered ‘cheese’ and vegetables. It looked very nice, a white soft cheese, not unlike cottage cheese, or so I thought. I picked up a big spoonful, and as I went to dig in I inhaled. Big mistake. The cheese is mixed with fish and is a little potent! I had to decline the food, but I hope I did it with grace and I didn’t offend anyone.

The thing to do in Phnom Penh is get a massage. So, on the last night I decided to treat myself and get a full spa package. It was wonderfully relaxing, but they used an orange based scrub which has since stained my finger nails, hands and feet!!! Oh, well it was very much worth it!

Off to India next.




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