27 04 2011

The wife and I purchased a new car the other day. We are trying to assimilate to the culture we are living in, so we bought a Ford SUV. In fact, it is an all black Ford Escape XLT 3.0L V6.

With our new little one, we decide that it was time to trade up, and the VW Jetta was becoming quite unreliable and we’ve not fully assimilated yet as we only have one car.

Fords in Europe have a great reputation, they are solid, reliable and the designs are very nice. However, I understand in the US that Ford means Found On Road Dead. I am hoping this wont be the case for our new ride.

However, a few days after purchasing the vehicle a warning light flashed up on the dash. So, I immediately took it in to the dealership for them to fix. It turned out to be just a faulty switch that was easily and quickly replaced and we’ve not had any issues since, but it also turned out to be a lesson in language for me.

The mechanic sat in the vehicle and tried to replicate the problem, of course the light wouldnt come on, so I had to explain to him which light it was. Easy enough. It was the ‘spanner’ warning light I eagerly informed him. He returned my information with a blank stare. Which light sir? The spanner light, I repeated. Clearly frustrated with my lack of mechanical knowledge he turned the key so that the lights on the dash would light up, and I said there, the second from bottom light, the spanner light.

Unimpressed, he muttered something about it being a ‘wrench’ and scribbled on the pad.

I slunk off feeling an absolute spanner…




One response

27 04 2011

Haha… it amazes me how many Americans do not understand that a spanner, is a wrench. Canadian born and raised but now living in the USA I understand your frustration and laugh when people think I am wrong because I use variations of words commonly used. Good blog and interracial marriage is not difficult but be wary people, some associations are not always what they seem.

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