Uniden DCX200 telephones

19 09 2011

When we moved to our house 4 years ago, we invested in some moderately priced digital wireless telephones. The previous home owners put telephone wires every, except the logical places to put them. There are two in what is currently the nursery, one in the dining room, one in the kitchen (about 8 feet from the one in the dining room!) and one in both of the other bedrooms. But, the most logical place to put your phone, at the bottom of the stairs, does not have a phone socket. So, we purchased the Uniden DCX200 DECT 6.0 phones. They have great range and voice clarity, but the stock battery is terrible (find a replacement on ebay or Amazon) and the four way buttons stop working after a while. After nearly a year of looking for a way to fix the phones I finally found the solution on the FixYa website. Click here.

Basically it involves taking the phone a part, cleaning the connection points on the buttons and adding some foil to improve connectivity! It is genius in its simplicity. I’ll give an update on how successful I’ve been in fixing the problem as soon as I am home.




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