6 12 2011

My mind was blown yesterday by a comment on an Engadget article about two new elements being added to the periodic table.
The elements have the prerequisite funny names ending in -ium. Which brought about many comments from Brits about the word ‘aluminum’.

Generally, we like to think that we are correct when it comes to the English language. We did invent it after all. So, I was shocked to read that Americans spell Aluminum correctly. Who knew?!

Apparently, the guy who discovered aluminum used this spelling. But later that year an anonymous person wrote in a scientific journal criticizing the discoverer. The anonymous writer said the element should be called ‘aluninium’ to be in keeping with all the other -ium elements.

The UK adopted the move conventional spelling while the US kept the original spelling as meant by the discoverer.

This has blown my mind and I no longer can assume that my English is the correct version. My World has been turned upside down!




One response

6 12 2011
Piper Purcell

Yeah, but keep using it. It sound really cool the way ya’ll say it.

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